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S-SHAPE Machine

S-SHAPE Machine

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Note: Does not ship to France 

A must have of a luxury spa or salon.

Technical Specifications
Ultrasound Cavitation & RF Handle
Ultrasound Cavitation
RF Frequency: 5MHz

Suction & RF Body Sculpture Handle
RF Frequency: 5MHz
Power: 85W
Suction Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Airflow: >10L/minute
Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

Suction & RF Facial Slimming Handle
RF Frequency: 5MHz
Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Air flow: >10L/minute
Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)

EMS & EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle
EMS Frequency: 4.5KHz
Power: 10W
EL (Electroporation) 
Frequency: 65Hz

Input Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:MAX 150W
Display: Touch Screen

Package Listing

1 x S-SHAPE Main Machine
1 x Suction& RF Facial Slimming Handle
1 x EMS& EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle
1 x 30K Cavitation&RF Body Shape Handle
1 x Suction&RF Body Sculpture Handle
1 x Power Supply Cord

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